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Since 2004 we have designed, manufactured and distributed our own range of jewellery.


This has given us the unique opportunity to experience the Jewellery making industry first hand and we cherish the relationships we've developed with designers, artists, suppliers and employees.


In 2009 we launched our first Bead Shop to supply the growing demand from people of all walks of life that would like to experience this vibrant and creative field of Jewellery making.


As jewellery designers, we are always finding and developing amazing new products and adding them to our website, so that the contents of our beading treasure trove keeps growing and growing.


Although we cant convey the atmosphere of our store on-line, we hope you will find the site as fun and enticing as shopping in person.

Feedback is important to us. We would love to hear your comments about the site, the shops and our services in general.


At you will also find many unique products that are made exclusively for us in our own workshop.


Requests are welcome!



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