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FAQ's - Page 1

Q. How do I log onto your website?

A. Click on the "Log In" link at the top of our website. 
If this is your first time ordering with our company, please click on the "Register" button. If you have added items to your shopping cart as a "Guest" they will remain in your cart after you log in.
If you are an existing customer, please type your email address and password in the "Returning Customer" field. 

Q. What is the difference between "Registered" and "Unregistered" Log In?

A. Registered Customer Benefits: 
Easy checkout - all customer information (except credit card info) will be saved
Permanent cart - product will stay in your cart until you checkout or delete the items (even when you leave the web site)
Address Book
Order history
Alternate shipping addresses
Shipment tracking 

Unregistered customers will not be able to check out without creating an account. (The benefits above are not available for unregistered customers.)

Q. Why didn't I receive my password email?

A. If you did not receive our email with your password, please check your junk/spam folder for the email or try modifying your spam filter


Q. Why is my password not working


A. Please keep in mind that our passwords are case sensitive. Also, if you copied and pasted your password make sure that you are not copying an extra space in front of or behind the password.


Q.What are the benefits of creating an account?


A. Creating an account with allows you to shop faster, track the status of your current orders, review your previous orders, and write product reviews. 


Q. What are the secrets of a good password?

Make your passwords easy to remember with a few twists to make them hard to guess. A good password should contain the following: Substitute numbers for letters, mix upper case letters, and make them at least six characters long.


Q. Will you store my credit card information?

A. For your protection we do not store credit card numbers on our web servers. See Secure Payment Info


Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A. As our prices are based on quantity discounts we do not offer a flat wholesale price. The lowest price is available when ordering the largest quantity of a product.


Q. What does LE or Limited Edition Mean?

A. Limited Edition (or LE as an abbreviation) means that the item is not stocked on a permanent basis. We have purchased a limited quantity and once the inventory has been sold, the item will be discontinued from our website. We will not offer back orders on Limited Edition items.



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