Jaipur’s cultural heritage has been known far and wide attracting scores of tourists every year. Jaipur's rich social legacy is shown in the conventions, traditions, way of life, workmanship and engineering of this place. The city is known to be the Pink City of the nation because of the pink shades on the dividers of each architectural marvel around the city. This glorious city is home of a few blue earthenware, bandhani and square painting, block painting, carving and the folk dances and music has an exceptionally uncommon place in the way of life of Jaipur alongside the great food served here. This city witnesses various fairs and festivals at a different time of the year celebrated by the warm and lively people living here.


The way of life of Jaipur is a mix of legacy and conventions which uncovers the illustrious past alongside their fantastic way of life. The splendid design of the city offered the name Paris of India owing to the Jaipur’s cultural heritage. Voyagers can have a stunning get-away encountering the one of a kind culture, conventional cuisine alongside enthusiastic music in the entrancing visit to Jaipur.Since its beginning, the city of Jaipur has kept up its vibrant social legacy. Beginning from the time of Jaipur’s first ruler, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh till date the city has kept up its own particular social flavour adding to its cultural heritage. The way of life of this city is a great amalgamation of tradition and cosmopolitanism which you can only explore with a refreshing getaway to the glorious city of Jaipur. Jaipur welcomes  its tourist best sightseeing places that eveyone must visit.

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